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Money, History and Loan Collide in South Texas Congressional Race

A Rio Grande Valley political battle for the ages enters its last leg as early voting starts Monday in a wounding challenge between two men with historical political bonds running against each other to succeed resigning U.S. Rep. Ruben Hinojosa in Texas’ fifteenth Congressional District.

Edinburg school board part Juan “Sonny” Palacios Jr., scion of an elite family in the area, goes head to head against lawyer Vicente Gonzalez, who financed his campaign all by himself, for the runoff of democratic nominees on May 24.

It is the Republican runoff for the seat as well, however, the region’s Democratic areas include makes it unattainable for anybody yet the Democratic chose one to win the November’s election. What’s more, in light of the fact that Democratic occupants once in awhile lose government primaries, the one who wins this selection battle is going to have the authority of the seat as long as he wants to serve the nation.

The fifteenth District is a geologically narrow area starting at the Mexican fringe in McAllen and winding north to Seguin.

Gonzalez is a 48-year-old lawyer and the political person has loaned his campaign that led him to outspend four of the nationwide U.S house candidates. Recently he gave his campaign $1.65 million but spent around $1.7 million. That is about $5,000 over expected budget. Fortunately, given the opportunity, that exceeded amount of money can be covered by acquiring cash through a title loan company. On the first March, he got the majority of the votes that averted the runoff making him fall short at only 42 percent.

Palacios is a 44-year-old attorney who is self-funding the campaign. He won 19% of the votes and entered the runoff.

Moving towards the final round, it has been predicted that Gonzalez will win the election as because of his big name and infrastructures.

Palacios is also a famous name as him and his family has served the area for many years. They have also made a good name in the democratic circle.

There is a clear dissatisfaction inside the Palacios camp that Gonzalez is working to purchase the election. However, Gonzalez, who has a bootstraps story of putting himself through graduate school, is proud.

There is another layer of vulnerability in the race: voter weakness. This will be the happening third time in three months duration that parts of the fifteenth District host public elections. To begin with came the March 1, essential, and prior this month there were a few metropolitan elections.

Nearby insiders expect troubling turnout, and both men face overwhelming desires to get out their vote. While Palacios has strong local connections, Gonzalez has companions in high places too. Using help from many of his companions, it has been noticed the Gonzalez is working hard to make his victory possible. Many of his connections are trying their best to back him up in the elections.

On the other hand, no help has come for Palacios that is very discomforting. This is the reason everyone is betting the Gonzalez is going to win but just in case Palacios wins the election, many hearts are going to be broken.

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