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Ted Cruz Needs His State for Chance at Nomination

Ted Cruz has been putting a lot of his energy into Nevada for delegates but he needs to look forward to his home state of Texas if he is going to win the nomination from Trump for the Republican nomination.

Cruz is a junior state senator in Texas and one of the most popular Republicans there. At the moment he is a favorite to win in his home state. After finishing in a disappointing run in South Carolina he now needs to win his home state more than ever. A big win here will act as a shield for him against Marco Rubio and Trump.

Cruz knows that he has to win this as well because some of his spokesman has been publicly stating that it is necessary for him to win this state. They are confident that they are doing well and will continue to do so once they win the state.

Trump has had two straight victories in a row and did quite well in Nevada as well. Many of the southern states are coming up and it is going to be a big deal and major step in winning the nomination with the southern most states.

Gathering the Votes

The southern states house a lot of the base that supports Cruz’s views and aspirations. They include evangelical votes that he needs to capitalize on if he wishes to stay successful in the race. The conservative stronghold is strong in Texas.

He has publicly stated to reports in South Carolina “We’ve got a tremendous base of support at home in Texas, and we are positioned where the voters have a clear choice, They can choose to go with a dealmaker, who is promising to cut more deals with Washington like Donald Trump is, or they can choose to go with a proven consistent conservative. And I’m confident how Republican voters are going to resolve that choice.”

Jeb Bush has left the running for president so it essentially leaves these three as the main contenders for the Republican nominee. Texas has been at it as well for voting early as already half of the primary vote has already occurred.

Cruz has a lot of experience in Texas politics as he once uprooted Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and won the GOP nomination for the senate.

His supports can still unleash this power and that is something he is hoping that they will in fact do.

Trump is leading in many of the polls all across different states. He won’t be able to win all the delegates in his hometown but he can at least hope to take the majority of them with him.

If he wins over fifty percent of the votes than he will be able to take all of the delegates propelling him to the top of the state.

Republican voter turnout has been good lately and at a high number in the first days of the early voting in Texas. This trend will continue and Cruz will hope to get most of these votes.

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