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Texas Governor Endorses Cruz

It is no wonder that Ted Cruz was able to win his home state of Texas following Super Tuesday voting. This was a huge win for the Republican candidate, as Texas is one of the largest states and toughest to win. Many believe another reason Cruz was able to win Texas was because he was endorsed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. This endorsement came on the Wednesday prior to Tuesday’s primary, giving Cruz the boost he needed to beat out other nominees, including front runner Donald Trump.

Abbott stands by Cruz

Abbott and Cruz have worked together in the past, so obviously he would back up Cruz during the primaries. At a rally held the Wednesday before Super Tuesday, Abbott made the state ¬†aware of Cruz’s conservative values, and asked that they join him in supporting Cruz. Abbott even said that Cruz would be the one to make America the greatest it has ever been. The Houston crowd was very supportive of Cruz and Abbott’s statements about one another. Cruz made mention that it is an honor to be endorsed by Abbott because he has long been a mentor.

Cruz backed by other Texans

In addition to being backed by Governor Abbott, Cruz has also been backed by other politicians. These individuals include Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and former governor Rick Perry. Perry has been campaigning for Cruz in both Iowa and South Carolina, as he works on beating out his competitors. Cruz has been falling behind Trump, but has worked to beat out Marco Rubio. Cruz hoped to win in Texas with backing of these popular state politicians, even with Trump possibly cutting into his lead. Super Tuesday ended with a victory for Cruz, as he was able to take hold of his great state of Texas.

What Cruz can look forward to in the future

Now that Cruz was able to win a few states on Super Tuesday, including his large win in Texas, he needs to keep up with his campaign in order to pull closer to Trump’s lead. He is hoping the same thing will happen for him in the state of Mississippi as it did in Texas. Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, has officially endorsed Ted Cruz for President just before the state’s primary. Bryant spoke out to persuade Mississippians to join in standing behind Cruz. He said that doing this will help unite Republicans together to keep their state and the nation good. Mississippi has been up in the air, as far as who might take the lead since the state is considered more populist than conservative. It comes as no shock that Trump is Cruz’s biggest competitor in Mississippi, and so he needed all the help he could get.

No victory

It was a close call, but Trump was still able to edge out Cruz, even with Bryant’s endorsement. Cruz was able to get a majority of the Conservative view votes, but Trump was able to get even more of the Evangelical votes. Now it is time to simply move on, and work on getting the votes in other states.

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